IT Solution


IT Solution

We offer information technology solutions suited for your business needs. From website creation and maintenance to various software solutions to keep your business functioning, we are your one stop solution for business technology. Here are some examples of what we offer.

Order-made Websites and Software

Your space on the web is sometimes the only face your company will have to some consumers. Some of our services in helping you easily set up and maintain your space online are:

  • Simple and professional homepage development from templates (Dr. Office FLEX HP)
  • Content Renewal and Off-site Domain Management Support (Dr. Office Assist HP Plus)
  • Cloud Service (Dr. Office CLOUD)
  • Custom-made Software Service

Packaged Software Distribution

We offer various software packages developed by both Koushin in-house and by other makers. If your business is looking for a software solution, we have you covered.


DDPro (Management software)
DDPro is a highly customizable piece of software for managing all of your company`s details. Being nearly limitless in customizability, this automation software can be set to match the management architectures and operations of all different kinds of companies. Different kinds of management systems can be created, ranging from billing management to purchasing control.


CRM Client Relay Software
Our Customer Relationship Management software is designed with two purposes in mind: ease of operation, and ease of sharing information about your clients with colleagues. Using this software, it`s possible to keep track of actions taken with customers by manually storing the information into the system.


VENDING GUARD (Vending Machine Management Software)
This software is an operating system optimized to manage the inventory in vending machines to keep your sales up. Large to mid-sized vendors usually have proprietary inventory management systems, while on the other hand, due costs soaring up to 600,000 yen, smaller vendors that manage thousands of machines often must do things by hand. Built with the intention of optimizing the restocking operations of vending machines, Vending Guard has pushed the price of managing these systems down by two-thirds.


Disaster Prevention Software (Dr. Office Disaster Prevention Software Series)
Koushin offers a variety of disaster prevention software for use during dangerous times. This software specializes in reducing the cost and raising the efficiency of those who work in these dangerous fields.


Other software offered by Koushin

  • PCA Software - We offer total support from purchase to installation to operation.
  • Case Management System – Businesses will be able to share information about ongoing projects such as construction, etc. The system provies a variety of functions such as: ability to search projects by status, keyword, etc.
  • Rakuichi – Management support system developed by Casio.
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