Human Solution


Human Solution

Your workforce is very important to us at Koushin. We offer services aimed at staffing your company with the right staff at the right time for the right job. If you are looking for staff, we have the resources to help you find your perfect candidate ASAP.

Our recruiting services find the talent that is suited to your business needs, and then introduces them to your HR department. In essence, until you make your final decision, our services are of no cost, allowing you to not waste time and money advertising for your position and abate your risk. We specialize in a broad range of introduction services, from managerial and office clerk positions to engineering positions. Whether you are looking for a full-time worker or someone who needs hourly wages, we have the right candidate for you!

Here are some benefits to using our recruiting service:

Benefit #1 – Efficient career consultants
Our career consultants are very straightforward, in that they will have a meeting to discuss with candidates about changing jobs, using simple but thorough requirements to match them with our client companies. Also, in relation to talent that has basically no interest in your company, our consultants are ready to do everything they can to help generate candidate relevance to your business. Working together, we can create a successful story for both your company and your potential new staff.


Benefit #2 – We are contingent recruiters—our service fees are easy to understand!
At Koushin, we term ourselves contingent recruiters, meaning that until the decision to hire the candidate has been officially completed, there are absolutely no fees to you. Once the candidate holds employment, we charge an introduction fee per each successful placement. We do everything we can to move the risk from you to us. We offer a cost effective service with easily understandable fees from the start to the finish.


Benefit #3 – Recruitment support in private
If you decide to go with our recruitment service, you will never need to worry about any sort of public help wanted advertisements, because we complete our jobs with privacy at the forefront of our process. For example, if you are hiring for a new venture, when you have a sudden change of staff, when you have to deal with a sudden influx of applications, when something makes it difficult for you to post a public job offering, or when you have an issue with the timing of screening a certain applicant, we prepared to handle all of these issues while finding the best person for your placement.

We offer candidate introduction services for the following types of jobs:

  • Office Managers
  • Office Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Full-Stack Programmers
  • Network Engineers
  • Translators
  • Interpreters


If you are looking for someone in these fields of work or a related one, please do not hesitate to contact us using this form.

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